Father And Son Medal Set, WW1, WW2, & Efficiency Medal

Father and Son medal set, comprising of a set of 3 WW1 medals to the father, and 2 WW2 medals with Canadian Efficiency Medal to the son. WW1 Victory medal, BWM, and 1914-1915 Star named to M12483, L.G. Dunaway, Act. E.R.A. , 4 R.N. (Acting Engine Room Actificer, 4th Class, Royal Navy). The Father’s WW1 set is also accompanied with the Son’s medals comprising of the War Medal, Defence Medal, and Canadian Efficiency Medal, (which has been court mounted), named to R113202, Sgt. I.W.M. Dunaway. All medals are complete with ribbons. Estate acquired. Unresearched. All in untouched condition as received.


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