H.M.S. Victory Copper Plaque, 1907

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Copper on quarter sawn oak wall plaque, measuring 9 inched by 14 inches. Center piece shows a raised and tooled depiction H.M.S. Victory, Along with Admiral Lord Nelson. Below the ship reads’ “England expects that every man will do his duty”, to the left, along with “Admiral Lord Nelson, Oct. 21st, 1805″ to the right Below Lord Nelson, the plaque reads, ” Made of copper from H.M.S. Victory & Foudroyant. Presented by  Lord Strathcona and Mounted Royal through British and foreign Sailor’s Society for Canadian Schools, 1907″. Name plaque bottom reads “Warden of the shield for this year”, “Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat”. Copper banner at the top of the plaque shows the name “Hume”. Remnants of the original paper label at backing present.