Canadian Pattern 1827 Rifle Regiment Officer’s Sword, Halifax

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Pattern 1827 Cavalry Officer’s Sword, manufactured by Symons, Halifax, Nova Scotia, with issue scabbard. Blade measures 32 1/4 inches in length with a bright nickle silver finish. Blade is etched to both sides from the guard, to the end of the groove, being 20 1/2 inches. The guard shows the crown of William IV above the badging of a Rifle Regiment. Right side of the blade shows the Star of David with proofing mark to the center of it, with the left side of the blade showing the maker’s marks, “J.H. Symons, Halifax” above the guard. The center of the etching of the left side of the blade also shows the crown of William IV above the Rifle Regiment badging. The shark skin grips is in very nice condition with the wire wrapping being intact, and only showing two spots of wear from handling. The metal work of the guard is in very good condition, with metal having turned a pleasing grey/brown from age. The etching of the blade shows wear for the first four inches above the guard, with the rest of the blade showing a bright and clean detail with only minor darkening to the end of the blade. The scabbard is complete with both rings in place, with most of the nickle silver finish being lost.