Pattern 1905 Sergeant’s Sword Marked “C..M.S.C”

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Pattern 1905 Sergeant’s Sword Marked “C..M.S.C” (Canadian Military Staff Clerks) with issue steel scabbard. Two piece sharks skin grips are in very good condition, and held in place with two retaining pins, with the skin being grooved with no wire. The full steel guard shows the cypher of George V with a King’s Crown above. The guard is marked with a British Broadarrow above “W.S.C” (Wilkinson Sword Company), and also marked “C.C.C” above the numbers 4 and 5. The interior of the guard shows a date stamp of “12.11” (December 1911) above the stamp “C.M.S.C. (Canadian Military Staff Clerks). Below this shows the letter stamping “R.C.O.C” (Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps) above the number “6”.  All of these markings show a single line strike through them. The 32 1/2 inch blade is marked to the left side above the guard with 2 proof marks, and the maker’s mark “Wilkinson” to the right side with 2 British “crow foot” stamps, and the British Broadarrow surrounding the single proof mark.  The blade is in excellent condition showing almost 100% of the bright nickle silver finish, and a very clean and straight edge. The steel field scabbard is in it’s original finish with slight discoloration from age, and 2 visible dents being present. The side of the scabbard is also marked “C.M.S.C” to the side at the top, with the top portion of the flat above the ring being marked with a British crow foot stamp, above a the British Broadarrow, with the maker’s mark “Mole” above a single proof mark and the number “11” for the date 1911.