Model 1905 Ross Rifle, Mk. II 5*

Model 1905 Ross Mark II 5*, straight pull rifle chambered in .303 British. The 30 and 1/2 inch barrel shows and even grey finish with 90% retaining. Stock and forearm are solid with some patching to one side, retaining approximately 70% of the original finish. Original sights are complete and in place. Stock shows the Ross Rifle Company cartouche, with markings to the 95th Saskatchewan Rifles, and the 321 C.C. (Cadet Corps). Rifle is also marked “D.P.” (Drill Purpose) in three locations. The alteration of Ross Rifles for “Drill Purpose” was the filing down of the firing pin, with no other modifications taking place. Stock is also marked with the serial number 778 and the manufacturing date of 1910. The rifle showed service in the 95th Saskatchewan Rifles up until it was issued to the 321 Cadet Corps in December of 1919.

The regiment traces its lineage to July 3, 1905, when an infantry regiment was authorized in the District Of Asssiniboia and the District Of Saskatchewan, which later that year became the province of Saskatchewan.  The regiment was eventually organized as the 95th Saskatchewan Rifles, in Regina.  After WW1, the 95th merged with the 60th Rifles of Canada (Moose Jaw) to become the South Saskatchewan Regiment

The 321 Cadet Corps, Albert Public School Cadet Corps, was formed in Regina, Saskatchewan on January 8th of 1912, and was disbanded on June 27th of 1935. Drill Instructors for the Corps were provided by the local Militia Commander and it is assumed that they came from the 95th Saskatchewan Rifles until 1920; South Saskatchewan Regiment until the formation of the Regina Rifle Regiment on 15 May 1924.

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