1954 Browning M3 .50 Cal. Aircraft Machine Gun

Dewat (deactivated) 1954 dated Browning M3 .50 ca. Aircraft Machine gun. Side of the action is marked “1954 Machine Gun – Cal. 50 M3 AC-Basic” along with the serial number. Commonly used as wing guns in military aircrafts, the top of the action is marked with the numbers “5” and “298”, presumably for being gun number 5 in aircraft number 298. Interior of the action has been torch cut, with the bolt and feed arm being on place solidly with no movement. Small torch cut also to the top of the barrel, just in front of the action. Barrel has also been weld plugged in this location. Shows most of the original wartime finish, with approx. 90% ¬†remaining. Overall length of 45 inches and a weight of 84 pounds.

Dewat. No PAL or registration required.