Dewat (Deactivated) 1926 A1 Thompson

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Dewat (Deactivated) 1926 A1 Thompson SMG (Old Spec Grandfathered) Cock and lick action, with the bolt retracting, and closing at the trigger. Weld plugged at the chamber, and with internal welds. Barrel welded in place. Magazine has been blocked and does not accept ammunition. Script Thompson in bullet trade mark to the top of the action in front of the rear site. Right side of the action is marked “Auto-Ordnance Corporation, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.” along with the series of dates for the U.S patents. The left side of the action is stamped “U.S. Model Of 1928 A1 No.5″ along with the serial number. The back of the left side of the action is marked “Thompson Submachine Gun, Calibre .45 Automatic Cartridge. The front of the left side of the action is also marked with the proof mark for the WW2 Australian Army to show service. The original and issue Cutts is in place to the muzzle of the barrel and very well marked. The entire arm retains 95% of the blued finish to all of the metal work, including the magazine. Magazine is marked as .30 calibre, for the M1 carbine, which has been correctly changed for use with the Thompson and for the .45 calibre cartridge. Removable stock shows its wartime finish and color, as does the pistol grip . The front forend is a correct and issue WW2 replacement from the armoury. In very good condition overall. This arm does not accept ammunition, and cannot be made or altered to do so.

Dewat. No PAL or registration required.