SMLE #7 Mark 1/L Bayonet And Scabbard

By August 5, 2017 EDGED WEAPONS No Comments

SMLE #7 Mark 1/L bayonet an scabbard for use with the SMLE #4 Mk.I service rifle and the Sten Mk.II SMG. The grip scales are made of a resin impregnated cloth composite, Paxolin, and have deep finger grooves to allow use as a fighting knife, with the pommel of the bayonet swiveling and locking in place when mounted to the rifle. Grips are in very good condition with slight wear to one of the panels. The 7.75 inch blade is finished in the white with some slight age discoloration. Pommel and cross guard show approx. 70% of the original blackened finish over bleuing. Swivel and lock function correctly and locks into position tightly. Metal scabbard retains 955 of it’s original color and finish. Locking spring in the scabbard in place, and holds the bayonet formly and tightly. Scabbard is marked S/19, as shown in photo.