Dewat (Deactivated) WW2 German P38 Pistol

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Old-spec (Grandfathered) Dewat (Deactivated) WW2 German P38 Pistol. Original 9mm cal. Semi-automatic pistol complete with magazine. All matching except for one number. Original issue 2 piece grooved bakalite grips are in very good condition, and the pistol retains approx. 80% of it’s original war time finish. Waffenamp marked to the side of the receiver. CYQ manufacture code. Magazine is removable, and action functions and lock, and releases correctly, and operates from the trigger. Welds in place prohibiting the pistol from being taken apart. Barrel weld plugged at the chamber, firing pin removed and bolt face welded. Cannot accept ammunition in any way. In very good original condition.

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