Dewat (Deactivated) WW2 U.S. Liberator Pistol

By September 10, 2017 MILITARY FIREARMS No Comments

Old-spec (Grandfathered) Dewat (Deactivated) WW2 U.S. Liberator Pistol with original instruction sheet.  Manufactured by the Guide Lamp Corporation of General motors.  Measuring 5.5 inches overall with a 4 inch barrel. Retains almost all of it’s original finish throughout. Manufactured without a serial number. A serial number has been added to the pistol to one side of the action for the purpose of identification. Functioning action and trigger with both interior and exterior welds, done professionally.  Firing pin removed, and weld plugged at the chamber.  Complete with the original instruction sheet that was issued with the pistol. Excellent condition overall.

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