1943 SMLE #4 Mk.1* Long Branch

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Canadian issue SMLE #4 Mk.* Long Branch military service rifle, chambered in .303 British. Complete with issue magazine. Side of action is marked “No.4 Mk.1*, Long Branch, 1943″, and has the proper issued Mk.III graduated rear sight in place. Both the stock and fore end are stamped with the Canadian C-Broadarrow as does the top of the receiver ring. Top of the stock above the butt plate is stamped with the letter “S” for a short length stock designation. The rifle retains 97% of the original blued finish, with some wear and peeling to the bolt handle from use. Manufactured with a straight and smooth top wood, which is correct. All of the wood shows the original color and finish as issued, with some wear beneath both sides of the action from handling, with approx. 90% remaining overall. Some minor marks to the stock as to be expected. Bore is dark with rifling showing, but weak. ( A good cleaning would improve this.) No markings to the stock ring between the action and trigger guard, and appears that it was never marked at the factory. A serial number has been added on to the front of the trigger guard where it meets the magazine. No markings to the bolt. Action functions smoothly and correctly, locking tightly. This is an original issue war-time rifle, in its original condition, and not a re-build.

PAL Required.