Mk.I Lee Metford Cavalry Carbine, Canadian Issue

Mk.I Lee Metford Cavalry Carbine, Canadian Issue. Bolt action carbine chambered in 303 British with the issue 5 shot detachable magazine. Original issue cleaning rod in place. Safety is catch fitted on the bolt cocking piece. Sling bar to the right side of the butt with D-loop saddle ring to the side of the action ring. Carbine sight in place graduated to 2000 yards. Stock is stamped “M & D”, (Military and Defense) denoting Canadian issue. Stock is also stamped with two British Broadarrows, along with the date 1895, and showing the serial number of 414. The stock is also stamped with the circular “R.M. Enfield” with “W.D.” to the center. (War Department) Bolt handle, bottom of magazine and bottom of trigger guard show the British proof mark. Original brass stock disc in place. The side of the stock ring shows the Victorian Crown, also with the date of 1895, and “I.” denoting it as a Mark I carbine. Wood is in its original un-touched condition, showing its issue color and finish, with some dullness and handling marks. Metal finish is mostly grey with approx. 70% remaining. Action functions correctly and locks tightly. Bore shows some darkness with goor rifling throughout. A nice untouched original example.

PAL required.