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Canadian 5 Pocket Leather Bandolier

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Canadian Five Pocket Leather Bandolier for .303 British ammunition. Grained leather pockets on leather belt with brass buckle and fixtures. Adjustable length belt. Belt is maker marked “Hugh Carson Co. Ltd.” and dated 1936 to the back of the belt. two Canadian C-Broadarrow marks to the front of the belt. Also marked with a faint service number stamped into the leather along with “C. Signals” also stamped into the back of the belt.  Leather hanger also present and original to the belt. Appears mint and un-issued in condition.

1930’s British Artillery Gunners Uniform

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1930’s British Artillery Gunners Uniform with issue pants. Dark blue heavy wool tunic with red trim. Corded front closing on 9 large brass buttons with stand up red wool collar with gold trim and single nook closure. Two buttons on each sleeve with Austrian knot cuffs. Red and gold Sargeant stripes on sleeve with raised gold and red Kings Crown over Cannon insignia for gunner.  Makers label reads “J & B Pearce and Co., 5 Flotal St. London W.C”. Pants are also a heavy dark blue wool with vertical red stripe on outer leg.


1920’s Lord Strathcona Horse Officers Canvas Uniform & Pants

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1920’s Lord Strathcona Horse Officers canvas tunic with issue breeches. 4 button four pocket open collar tunic with all correct buttons in place. 2 smaller buttons on each cuff as well as one to each pocket. Pips missing on eppaulettes but buttons are in place.  Ribbon bar sewn to left side over pocket showing the 1914-18 Star, BWM Victory Medal and the King George V Coronation Medal. The uniform is complete with the issue breech pants, also constructed in canvas. Button front with lace up bottoms with all eyelets in place. Buttons front and back for suspenders.

Pants are in excellent condition with nice clean lining and no damage present. Tunic shows its wear with some slight discolouration and fading. Period repair to the back of the tunic to the middle left of the tunic. No labels or marks present.



Royal Artillery Officers Tunic With Breech Pants

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British Royal Artillery Officers tunic complete with issue riding breeches. Heavy weight tunic with interior buckle closure at waist with four pocket four button front. Open collar with Artillery collar badges in place. Two pips in place on each of the epaulettes. Manufactures label in place on collar, and named. The tunic is complete with the issue pair of corduroy breeches with all buttons on place for the susupenders. Slit front pockets with padding on the interior of the legs. No label present.


1934 Dated Field Monocular In Case

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Post WW1 Field Monocular in issue leather case. Fitted case with carry strap and makers mark on top of lid, and dated 1934.  Russet leather case with single strap to a roller buckle on the front to secure the lid. Brass rivets and sewn seams. Carry strap to the sides with a buckle for adusting the length. The monocular is maker marked and dated with a black finish over brass fittings with a black grained leather protective cover to the body..  Clear glass and prism with adjustable eye piece. Both in very nice condition. As issued to both British and Canadian troops.


Map Case Belonging To Lieut. Col. F.E. Wootten, M.C.

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Lieut. Col. F.E. Wootten, M.C. was the commanding officer of the Canadian Railway Troops, 1943-1945, and also the Artillery instructor at the University of Saskatchewan, Unit of the C.O.T.C.

“After some basic military training the Group, commanded by Lt-Col F.E. Wootton, was despatched overseas. By the end of the month all C~n2di~n railway units were in the U.K., in the following strengths: H. ;”t. No. 1 Rly Op Gp No. 1 Rly Op Coy No. 2 Rly Op Coy No. 1 Rly Wksp Coy H.Q.o No.1 Rly Tg Coy No. 1 Rly Tg Op Sec No. 1 Rly Line Maint Sec TOTAL Offs’ -3- 7 7 7 1 1 1 27· O.Rs. 24 368 368 429 11 4.5 51 mb (W.D., H.~. No.1 Rly Op GI’, 28, 29 Jul 43. l/Railway/l: Notes on Conference held in the Office of the A.~.A.G.(A), 23 Aug 43} Before the beginning of September, No. 1 Rly Op Coy had been alloc~ted to the Lor~moor Transportation Centre, H~nts, and No.2 to the Derby Railway Training Centre. No.1 Rly Tg Op Sec R.C.C.S. ~s attached to 4 (Armd) Div Sigs at Heathfield, Sussex. Other r~ilway troops, both R.G.~. and R.C.C.S., were located at Colchester, Essex. (V.Ds.,H.~. No.1 Rly Op Gp and Units, August 1943).”

Three fold sewn canvas map case with leather hangers and brass snap closure fixtures. Sewn front pocket with compartments for pens and pencils. Leather closure to the side with two interior compartments for the storage of maps. The front of the case is embossed with his name, “Lieut. Col. F.E. Wootten, M.C.”

Case is in excellent and complete condition showing very little use.