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1835-1845 British Tower Transport Corps Percussion Belt Pistol


1835-1845 British Tower Transport Corps Percussion Belt Pistol. approx. 58 cal. 6 inch barrel pistol with steel swivel mounted ram rod.  Proofed marked barrel in 3 locations. Percussion Tower marked lock with Victorian Crown over “V.R.” (Victoria Reigns). Flat brass fore end cap with flat butt to the grips, with large steel saddle ring and Brass trigger guard. The walnut stock is also marked “Tower” to the left side with the initials “T.W.” beneath it. The stock is also stamped with a British Broadarrow, and the inspector’s mark of “B.O.”. The finish to the barrel is a mostly brown, with some grey showing through, and an area of small surface pitting to the top of the breech area. The lock plate is also a brownish / grey in finish, with the hammer in the white, with some slight age mottling present. The walnut stock is in very good condition showing almost all of it’s original finish and color, with some slight surface marks from age and use. Action works correctly and is very strong as is the trigger. The smooth bore is in serviceable condition. Stock shows 2 very minor cracks to the left side of the stock.

Antique. No PAL or registration required.


Cased C.G. Bonehill Special Order Pigeon Grade 2 Barrel Set With History


Cased special order C.G. Bonehill 12 gauge pigeon grade engraved 2 barrel set, belonging to Alfred Conyers Newson, Fish Creek Ranch, Calgary, Alberta.

Matching number 2 barrel set, with one set being choked in full and full, and the second set being choked modified and modified, as ordered by Mr. Newson in 1891, and receiving the gun in 1892. The gun is a pigeon grade model, being factory engraved , hammerless, and with double triggers and extractors. Both barrels are 28 inches in length with a single bead, and fitted with one interchangeable fore end, as per his instructions. The barrels are manufactured of the highest grade damascus steel,, with both barrels being marked “C.G. Bonehill, Maker, Birmingham” along with “Finest Damascus”.  The stock is of a higher grade English walnut with pistol grip, and checkering to the raised panels behind the action, as well as to the length of the pistol grip. The single fore end is also matching, with full length checkering and a horn fore end cap. An engraved initial plate is inlaid into the stock bearing Mr. Newson’s initials.

The Action is profusely engraved, covering 100% of the metal work with scrolling and maple leaves. The sides of the action are marked “Belmont Interchangeable Hammerless” signifying the model of this being a pigeon grade, and having 2 sets of barrels. A rubber recoil pad has been added to the stock at some point in history. The interior of the case has been properly and professionally restored in the correct color and fabric to the original issue, and retains the original factory label.

The gun itself is in its original condition, showing the original finish, with the action locking up tightly and correctly with both sets of barrels. The barrels also show the original aged finish, having turned to a nice and even grey appearance, exposing the fine patterning of the damascus barrels, both having bores and chambers being bright and excellent in condition. The stock and fore end are also in excellent condition showing the original color and finish of the wood and fine high count checkering. The exterior of the case is also excellent, with the leather covering being soft and pliable with strong stitching throughout, with only the straps being replaced. The brass lock functions correctly, and the case with it’s original brass name plate, reading “A.C. Newson, Calgary”. The case has also been completed with a brass cleaning rod and cleaning fixtures of a later date.

The gun is accompanied with a letter showing the history of Mr. Newson, along with his family genealogy, and a copy of his land title.


Alfred Conyers Newson was born in England in 1853, and immigrated to Canada in 1884, and and was listed as a druggist in the 1981 census. He gave his address as “Fish Creek Homestead”, SE 1/4 of Sec 36-21-3-W5M in 1889, having purchased the land for $4.00 per acre, which is now known as “Fish Creek Park”, in Calgary, Alberta. Later, he operated his ranch known as “The Grasslands”, in Millarville, just south of Calgary, and was noted for “….being able to produce good hay that had a good yield”. In 1894, he went into partnership with George Lane (one of the original four that started the Calgary Stampede) and T.J. Templeton, who all incorporated the “Willow Creek Cattle Company”. Mr. Newson is also listed as a cattle breeder, and is shown in the American Hereford Record and Hereford Herd book, Volumes 14 and 15. Mr. Newson passed in 1901 and was interned with previously deceased family members in British Columbia. The gun was then passed through the family, and was then sold in 1955. (The photo shows the original building that housed Mr. Newson’s pharmacy, taken after his passing, 1910, and after change of ownership. From the Glenbow Museum Archives.)

PAL required.


1871 Remington Rolling Block Military Contract Rifle, .43 Spanish


1871 Remington Rolling Block Military Contract Rifle, .43 Spanish cal. (43-77),  3 band military issue rifle. Number 1 Remington black powder action. Spanish crown marking to the center barrel band with the tang of the action showing the patent dates. Barrel has turned to a grey/brown finish with 70% remaining. Action finish is also grey with approx. 50% remaining. Both sling swivels in place. Back sight is a replacement. A correct replacement cleaning rod is in place. Walnut stock and fore end shows the original color and finish with some marks to the wood from service. Action functions correctly and locks tightly with the bore showing some darkness with strong rifling and being very serviceable.

Antique. No PAL required.


R. Hughes, Birmingham England, Percussion Fowling Gun


R. Hughes, Birmingham England, percussion lock 14 gage fowling gun, circa 1840-1850. 31 inch steel barrel, with the the first 10 inches of the barrel being octagon, tapering to being 14 sided to a ring band before turning round for the remainder of the barrel length. The straight grip, checkered wrist walnut stock is secured by a single barrel key and sterling silver escutcheon, with a sterling silver fore end cap. Hickory ramrod in place supported by 2 bands and full length channel below the barrel. Slightly curved shotgun butt, with a small sterling silver shield shaped initial plate inlaid to the bottom of the stock above the butt plate. Stock shows a nice gloss finish exposing the grain of the walnut stock. The trigger guard has slight engraving with the Victorian pineapple motif to the top. Barrel has turned to a pleasing brown color, with 90 % of this finish showing, as does the trigger guard. Lock is maker marked “R.Hughes” with scroll engraving, as does the hammer. Lock functions correctly and is very strong. Single bead in place.

Antique. No PAL required.