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Post War German SB Deutsches Sportabzeichen Sports Badge


Post War German SB Deutsches Sportabzeichen Sports Badge. Maker Marked  STEINHAUER & LUCK – LUDENSCHEID. The German Sports Badge (German: Deutsches Sportabzeichen) is a decoration of the German Olympic Sports Federation DSB, of the Federal Republic of Germany. It exists in a civilian and military version. The German Sports Badge test is carried primarily in Germany, but any German citizen living abroad may apply to become judges and hold tests on their own, and the decoration can be awarded to any person participating in the test. Some times it is also possible for a non-german foreign citizen to obtain judging-qualifications, if there are no other judges in their local area. This has only been done once, when a Danish firefighter was given judging-powers in 2009, due to the fact that there were no judges at all in Denmark. The German Sports Badge, also known as the “German National Sports Badge” was first created in the year 1912 and is one of the oldest awards of Germany still in active circulation.  Very good condition.


WW2 German M42 Short Barrel 27mm Flare Pistol

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WW2 German M42 Short Barrel 27mm Flare Pistol. Stamped steel with brazed seam construction. Short, 6 1/8″ barrel, with a 1 1/16″ inside diameter. 2 piece grooved bakalite grips secured by 2 retaining screws. Top of left grip shows a period repair, as shown in photo. Lanyard ring in place to the bottom of the grip frame. Single Waffenamp mark to the left side of the frame. 4 digit serial number with maker mark “wa” for Walther. Release works correctly and locks tightly. Blued version with 95% of the finish remaining, with some light handling and usage marks, as to be expected. Bore is in very good condition.


WW2 German K98 Bayonet With Matching Scabbard, “FNJ 42″


WW2 German K98 Bayonet With Matching Scabbard. 10 inch blade and measuring 15 inches overall. 2 piece bakalite grips with 7 grooves to each side. Blade has not been resharpened, and retains 90% of it’s original finish, with some minor drag marks from the scabbard. Grips are in excellent condition with no damage. Release button working correctly. Metal scabbard retains 90% of the finish and no denting or damage. Both the bayonet and scabbard are marked “fnj 42″ which is the wartime manufacturing code for Alexander Coppel, GmbH – more commonly known as “Alcosco”., and the date 1942. Both the bayonet and scabbard bearing the serial number 2127. Very good condition.


WW2 German Mountain Troops Officer’s Visor Cap


WW2 German Mountain Troops Officer’s Visor Cap. Field grey doe skin with construction with blue/green center band with cap device to the center. National emblem eagle to the top peak. Black leather visor and twisted silver/aluminum chin strap held in place with 2 side buttons.  Marked “56” for size to the interior. One small moth nip behind the national eagle, with some light moth nipping to the edge above the center band. Leather sweatband is solid and in very good construction. Strong stitching throughout and very clean.


WW2 German SS Dutch Occupation Trumpet Banner

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WW2 German SS Dutch Occupation Trumpet Banner, measuring 25 1/2 inches by 23 1/2 inches including the fringe, with 3 cloth material tabs at the top, each measuring 3 inches in height for hanging from the trumpet. The 2 SS ruins to the one side measure 17 1/4 inches in height, and show light staining with mothing as shown in photos. The Dutch occupation cross, measures approx. 16 1/2 inches in height, and shows staining from age with only very slight mothing. The black backing material is very clean with the silver wire fringe being complete. Both the ruins and occupation cross are hand stitched as they should be, with the borders of the banner body being machine stitched.