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Dewat WW2 U.S., H & R Reising M50 SMG


Dewat (deactivated) U.S. Harrington and Richardson Reising Model 50 SMG. Old spec cock and click (grandfathered).  Measuring 36 inches overall with a 13 inch barrel that is finned for the first 3.5 inches, and is complete  with two issue magazines (both pinned), one being the flat side version which is H & R marked, and one ribbed side, which is unmarked. The arm is in it’s original untouched out of the war condition, with the finish being grey and retaining approx. 70%, turning brown in some areas. The stock is also with it’s original finish and shows it’s war time bumps and bruises from service. Action functions, as does the trigger. it is also complete with 2 manuals, one original and one a reprint. The gun is also fitted with issue webbed sling.  This is military issue marked,being the type used by U.S. Marine Corps in 1943 and later used in Canada by 2nd Battalions (e.g. Seaforth of Canada) and by Veteran Guards. Blocked at the chamber and with interior and exterior welds, this gun cannot be disassembled, contain ammunition or made to do so.

Dewat. No PAL or registration required.


Lee Enfield Cavalry Carbine Mk.I, 1896, Attributed The Fort Garry Horse WW1


Lee Enfield Cavalry Carbine, Mk.I, 303 British Cal. Canadian M & D marked to the stock (Militia and Defence). The action ring is marked with the Victorian Crown, along with “Enfield 1896″ and “L.E.C. I”. Barrel is marked with an “E” indicating Enfield Rifling,  Matching number throughout, the gun is in it’s original and un-touched condition. Action and barrel show approx. 60% finish remaining, turning grey in some areas with some mottling to the finish being present. The stock and top wood show he original finish and color, with some handling marks from war time service. Both side screws are present for the sight cover, and a correct older reproduction of the leather sight hood accompanies the gun. Both the stock and sight disc are marked with the service number 282086, and is accompanied with a 72 page file showing that the rifle being issued to Dennis Matthew Collins, who enlisted in the 219th Battalion (Nova Scotia) being attestated on March 2nd of 1916. He later transfered and was attestated into the 6th Battalion, Fort Garry Horse, where he would have been issued this carbine. The carbine is fitted with 10 shot magazine, rather than the issue 5 shot version, which would be correct for service in the field during WW1. The carbine is also complete with it’s originally issued leather saddle scabbard. Top strap remains in place, but the tongue to connect the scabbard to the saddle has been removed at some point in history.


Dewat (De-Activated) Canadian Bren Mk.1*, Inglis 1941


Dewat (De-Activated) (grandfathered) Canadian Bren, Mk.1*, manufactured by Inglis, and dated 1941. Cock and click deactivation, with the bolt face sheered, and blocking in the chamber. Barrel pinned and welded into place. External welds made so no access can be made to the interior of the gun. Actions functions, and cocks back into the locking position, and releases with the trigger pull. Markings are very sharp and clear,and the gun retains 95% of the original war time finish. Stock, pistol grip, and carry handle wood are in very good condition showing the original color and finish with war time carrying marks. Matching numbers throughout, it is also complete with an issue magazine (pinned to 5 rounds) that is Canadian C-Broadarrow marked. A very nice and high condition example of an old-spec dewat Bren gun.


Remington Manufactured 03-A3, Dated September 1943


Remington manufactured 03-A3 rifle, bolt action, chambered in 30-06. Action ring is marked “U.S. Remington Model 03-A3″, along with the serial number 4067xxx. End of the barrel is maker “R.A.” along with the flaming bomb stamp, and the date “9-43″. The action shows the tell-tale “green” color of Remington, with barrel bands being marked with the letter “R” for Remington as well. Steel serrated butt plate with compartment door for the oiler and pull through. The rifle shows matching numbers, and has been correctly re-stocked with a nice grained and colored walnut stock and top wood. done in the “fat-boy C-stock” configuration. The rifle has also been professionally glass bedded, and has a mirror bore with nice deep and strong rifling. This rifle is also fitted with the original issue sights, and was built for the purpose of competitive military rifle shooting, and is a tack driver to say the least. Blueing and finish is 100% with only a couple for very light handling and storage marks.


Dewat (De-Activated) 1938 Dated S/42 German Luger


Dewat (Deactivated) grandfathered old-spec WW2 German P08 Luger with 4 inch barrel, originally chambered in 9mm cal. All matching numbers throughout, showing serial number 9133. The side of the action frame being Waffenamp marked, and the top of the toggle marked S/42, showing military contract and war time production. 2 piece checked wood grips, with bottom of grip showing a raised slot for use with a shoulder stock. Magazine is removable, and the action functions. “Cock and click” deactivation with the safety and magazine release button functioning. All welds are internal, including the take down feature, and the barrel has been pinned and plugged at the chamber. It cannot accept ammunition in any way, or made to do so. The pistol retains 97% of it’s original blued wartime finish, with the grips some slight handling marks to the checkering. A very nice war time production example.

DEWAT. No PAL or registration required.


Cooey Model 82 RCAF Military Training Rifle


Cooey model 82 single shot bolt action .22 cal. rimfire, RCAF military training rifle. single barrel band with military style nose cap full wood training rifle, with blade front sight, and adjustable ramp rear sight, complete with the receiver mounted peep sight in place. Action is marked “Cooey, .22 cal., Model 82″. Barrel shows 99% of the original blued finish, with the receiver ring being marked with the Canadian C-Broadarrow stamp, and the number 75. Full wood walnut stock is in very good condition showing the original finish and color with a few slight handling marks showing. The bottom of the pistol grip stock is also marked with the Canadian C-Broadarrow stamp, along with the number 1666, showing service to the RCAF for rifle training to both cadets and enlisted men. Original issue sling swivels in place, with the bore being in very good condition with strong rifling. Action functions y with a strong trigger spring, firing and extracting properly.

PAL required.


Mk.I Lee Metford Cavalry Carbine, Canadian Issue


Mk.I Lee Metford Cavalry Carbine, Canadian Issue. Bolt action carbine chambered in 303 British with the issue 5 shot detachable magazine. Original issue cleaning rod in place. Safety is catch fitted on the bolt cocking piece. Sling bar to the right side of the butt with D-loop saddle ring to the side of the action ring. Carbine sight in place graduated to 2000 yards. Stock is stamped “M & D”, (Military and Defense) denoting Canadian issue. Stock is also stamped with two British Broadarrows, along with the date 1895, and showing the serial number of 414. The stock is also stamped with the circular “R.M. Enfield” with “W.D.” to the center. (War Department) Bolt handle, bottom of magazine and bottom of trigger guard show the British proof mark. Original brass stock disc in place. The side of the stock ring shows the Victorian Crown, also with the date of 1895, and “I.” denoting it as a Mark I carbine. Wood is in its original un-touched condition, showing its issue color and finish, with some dullness and handling marks. Metal finish is mostly grey with approx. 70% remaining. Action functions correctly and locks tightly. Bore shows some darkness with goor rifling throughout. A nice untouched original example.

PAL required.


Dewat (Deactivated) WW2 U.S. Liberator Pistol


Old-spec (Grandfathered) Dewat (Deactivated) WW2 U.S. Liberator Pistol with original instruction sheet.  Manufactured by the Guide Lamp Corporation of General motors.  Measuring 5.5 inches overall with a 4 inch barrel. Retains almost all of it’s original finish throughout. Manufactured without a serial number. A serial number has been added to the pistol to one side of the action for the purpose of identification. Functioning action and trigger with both interior and exterior welds, done professionally.  Firing pin removed, and weld plugged at the chamber.  Complete with the original instruction sheet that was issued with the pistol. Excellent condition overall.

No Pal or Registration Required.


1954 Browning M3 .50 Cal. Aircraft Machine Gun


Dewat (deactivated) 1954 dated Browning M3 .50 ca. Aircraft Machine gun. Side of the action is marked “1954 Machine Gun – Cal. 50 M3 AC-Basic” along with the serial number. Commonly used as wing guns in military aircrafts, the top of the action is marked with the numbers “5” and “298”, presumably for being gun number 5 in aircraft number 298. Interior of the action has been torch cut, with the bolt and feed arm being on place solidly with no movement. Small torch cut also to the top of the barrel, just in front of the action. Barrel has also been weld plugged in this location. Shows most of the original wartime finish, with approx. 90%  remaining. Overall length of 45 inches and a weight of 84 pounds.

Dewat. No PAL or registration required.


W.W.Greener Model MS8 “Queen’s Cup Winner” Martini Henry Rifle


W.W. Greener, .Model “MS8″ 22 cal. rimfire single shot “Queen’s Cup Winner” presentation target rifle. 30.2 inch round barrel, globe front sight & tangent rear sight to 1200x & W.W.Greener tang peep sight in place. Left side of the action, and top of the barrel are both marked “W.W. Greener Maker, Birmingham”, with the right side of the action showing the action engraved with “Queens Cup Winner” in flowing banner & trophy cup. 2 band rifle with 2 sling swivels in place and short lever action. Original color and finish to the wood with some storage and handling marks present. Barrel retains 97% of it’s original bright blue finish, withe the action having approx.85% presnt with some mottling to the finish, turning brown in areas. Bore is in good condition with strong rifling and some darkness. Action functions correctly and locks tightly, with the gun firing and operating perfectly. The rifle was presented as the first place prize for the “Queen’s Cup Shoot” in England prior to the turn of the century. Very good condition overall.

PAL required.