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WW2 Torpedo Boat Compass

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British made WW2 Torpedo boat compass for use in the MT13 (motor torpedo boat) of Fairmile torpedo boat. Steel construction, maker marked “Henry Brown and Sons Ltd., Barking & London”. In excellent condition retaining almost all of it’s original paint finish. Working order with fluid in place, compass functioning, and mirror also in place. Excellent condition.


R.C.N. Signalling Lantern In Case

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R.C.N. Signalling Lantern In Wooden Case. Containing lamp with issue webbed  cover, and lamp holder with bar containing 4 different shades of blue.  Interior instruction manual shows manufactured by “R.E. & R. Co. Ltd., Canada” and dated January 1944. Metal label to the top of the case reads “Admiralty Patt. 378A Lantern Signalling, Mether Type, Renfrew Electric and Refrigerator Co. Ltd., Year, 1943″. Hand inscribed into the plate is also “R.C.N.” and H.M.S Cou”. Complete with leather carry strap.


Cased Naval Items Belonging To Lieutenant Cyril Callaghan, RN.

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Cased naval items belonging to Lieutenant Cyril Callaghan, RN, comprising of his sword belt with buckle, and matched pair of issue epaulettes. Black morrocon leather with gilt bullion thread sword belt with gilt buckle. Belt is marked on the back, “Matthew’s And Company Limited, Portsea, Portsmouth. Naval Outfitters” in gold embossing. Epaulettes are constructed on gold bullion material and threading with silver pip and rank anchor with a naval button to the tops. Morrocon leather backing, with gold embossed label, same as the sword belt. Items are contained within a metal case measuring 6 and 1/8 by 9 and 1/8, and being 5 and 1/2 inches in height. Brass makers plaque to the top of the case, with an engraved name plate in brass to the lower part of the lid, reading “Lieut. Cyril Callaghan, RN.” Metal constructed case shows a rust patina finish from age, with small denting to the front of the case. Case is lined in a dark red velvet, with the belt and epaulettes being in fitted compartments within the case, with a metal closure to the top. All items are in very good condition, and have been very well kept showing no damage.


Cyril Callaghan (16 June, 1881 – 11 March, 1944), son of Admiral Of The Fleet, Sir George Callaghan. Cyril Callaghan was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on October 17 of 1903, and was appointed additional to the Empress Of India on October 23, of 1906. He was then appointed Lieutenant and Commander of the destroyer, Racehorse, on August 15, of 1909. He was later appointed in command of the destroyer, Attack, on 21 of May, 1912. He was still in command of the Attack at the battle of Dogger Bank on January 24 of 1915, and when helping the sinking of  U12 on March 10 of 1915. He was later appointed commander of the Monitor, M29, on June 5, 1915.

On April 9 of 1915, Lieutenant Cyril Callaghan received the Letter on Vellum for his involvement in the sinking of the German submarine, U8, off Dover on the 4th of March, and the sinking of the German submarine U12, off the Forth, on March 10, 1915.

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Pre-WW1 Naval Medical Officer’s Uniform


Pre-WW1 British Naval Medical Officer’s Uniform. 16 button front jacket with tails. Straight collar with ribbon. Cuffs show 3 buttons on each with fancy ribbon banding, rank of Captain, Medical Officer. Back shows ribboned pocket covers, and all buttons on place. Quilted interior with portion of the maker’s label in place. Complete with issue pants matching the uniform. Hand written naming of “J.A. Cooper” to the pants.


WW2 RCN Fleet Observer Officer’s Jacket

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WW2 RCN Fleet Observer Officer’s Jacket. Dark blue/navy, double breasted, jacket with lay down collar, and with all King’s Crown brass “Canada” buttons in place. Each shoulder has hand stitched a “Canada” flash in yellow. Above each cuff is  the Officer’s rank insignia in brass wire thread. Formed, bullion and velvet backed Fleet Observers badge. Interior label reads “P.W. Birchard & Co. Tailors, Winnipeg, Manitoba”.  Named to “Lieut. L.D. Riley,  17317, April 18, 1942.” All in very good condition.


RCN Medal And Photo Grouping

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RCN Medal and photo grouping of a young seaman. Group consists of a 9 and 1/2″ by 11″shadow box frame containing his three service medals and service pin. “RCN” marked coloured glass picture frame measuring 10″ by 12″ and containing a hand tinted colour photo of him. Smaller photo in black and white contained in a 6 and 1/2″ by 8 and 1/2″ picture frame. There are also four black and white photos with two photos showing the crew of the ship,  one of the ship’s Officers, and one of the enlisted seaman. A very nice set.