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Paratrooper’s 2nd Pattern Camouflage Denison Smock

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Paratrooper’s 2nd Pattern Camouflage Denison Smock. A three quarter length, mid-weight cotton twill construction smock with a printed, random splotch, camouflage pattern in assorted shades of browns, tans, and greens. Pull over half-zipper front with 2 upper and 2 lower front pockets. All buttons and snaps in place. Approx. size 4, measuring 22″ across the chest from pit to pit, with 20′ arms. Airborne shoulder title and Pegasus patch to the left sleeve. Faint outline to the right sleeve showing where the wings were in place. No visible markings. Label in place but not legible. Has been washed at some point in history with the some of the colors bleeding.


WW2 British Issue Nursing Uniform

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WW2 British issue nursing uniform comprising of the dress, apron, and cap. Grey striped cotton top with white collar, and 2 button white cuffs. White cotton apron with machine sewn 2 piece red cross the front, and single button closure to the back. Cap is a post war replacement. The uniform is very clean with some very slight age discoloration, and strong stitching throughout. Label has been removed at some time in history.


WW1 Royal Horse Artillery Officer Breeches

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WW1 Royal Horse Artillery Officer Breeches. Heavy weight wool construction with single thin red material stripe measuring 1/4 inch in width running down the length of each leg. Button fly closure, with the buttons being maker marked ” J.B. Johnstone, Ltd., London W.” Same marked buttons to the waist for attachment to suspenders. Black leather bottom straps with roller buckles to each cuff. Approx. 26 inch waist with a 31 inch inseam. Some slight mothing to the inner thigh area, and at the bottom cuffs. No label or visible markings.


WW2 British Issue Officer’s Breeches, Named

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Pair of WW2 British issue Officer’s breeches. Pleated top with buckle and strap collars to the ankle cuffs. Button fly closure and 2 front slash pockets. Approx. 28 inch waist with 27 inch inseam. 15 inches across at the thighs. All buttons in place. Manufactures label present, reading ” C.F. Johns & Pegg, 2 Clifford Street, London, W.”, with hand written naming to “N.E.W. Baker, G.” and dated 1940. In very good condition with no damage or mothing.


WW2 Royal Canadian Artillery Dress Pants

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WW2 Royal Canadian Artillery dress pants. Heavy wool construction with single wide red stripe 2 inches across on each leg. Button fly closure and button top for wear with suspenders. 4 brass buttons on the bottom cuff of each leg, being 2 on each side of each leg. Measures 23 inches across the back of the waist total, with a 30 inch inseam. No visible markings or label.


WW2 Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Battle Tunic & Kit Bag

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WW2 Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Battle Tunic & Kit Bag. Closed collar 5 button, 2 pocket tunic 2 single pleats to the back. Canvas shoulder titles, with all other badging being cloth. All cloth badges have been machine sewn with a raised, rolled border to each. Ribbon bar sewn to the front. Interior is marked “Battle Dress Blouse Serge, Size 10, Tip Top Tailors Ltd.” and dated March 1945″, and also marked with a large Canadian C-Broadarrow stamp. Tunis is accompanied with the soldier’s canvas kit bag with hand written service number “G54376′. Un-researched. Kit bag shows wear and use with the tunic being in excellent condition.


WW2 11 Royal Canadian Artillery Officer’s Battle Tunic

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WW2 11 Royal Canadian Artillery Officer’s Battle Tunic. 2 pocket front with period hand altered open collar common with Officers. 2 red colored pips in place for the rank of Captain. All buttons in place. Canvas 11 RCA, with cloth “Canada” titles and canvas Division patches to the First Canadian Army Artillery above the cloth 4 year service stripes. Interior is stamped with a large Canadian C-Broadarrow, and dated 1944, as manufactures by the Workman Uniform Company, Montreal. The tunic is very clean and in excellent condition, with the alteration to the collar being period, and hand sewn.


British Pattern 1902 Service Dress Tunic

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British Pattern 1902 Service Dress Tunic with 5 button front. Double hook neck closure (post-1915) with shoulder rifle patches in place (pre-1918). Box pleats to the breast pockets (pre-1918) with 2 darts under the collar (pre-1918) Single stitched seam under the arms (1902-1918), with 2 belt hooks to the rear of the tunic. Single brass shoulder title to the Uppingham Officer Training Corps, which was in service until 1921. Remnants of the interior paper tag in place with the name “Uppingham” being visible. Rank stripe to each arm, with a rifle pad to the left shoulder. Tunic shows a hand written naming to “R.D. Rolt”, located on the interior right breast. Tunic has all buttons in place, with wear to the underarms, and mothing to the lower right sleeve, and mtoh nips to the lower left front of the tunic (as shown in photos.)


Victorian Era Hussars Tunic And Pants

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Victorian Era (1890-1895) Hussars tunic and pants. Both the tunic and pants are constructed of a dark green wool material, with the tunic having a yellow Austrian cord designed front, with Austrian cord to the cuffs of the sleeves, to the back of the tunic, and also to the border of the tunic as well. Manufactures tag is present to the collar of the tunic, reading “Edw’d Milns & Co., 69 Hatfield St. S.E.” Trousers are constructed of the same material with yellow striping to the sides od the legs. Both the trousers and tunic show a matching ink stamp “3 Cav., 1045, 6, 14″ (3rd Cavalry, with 6-14 being an issue date.) Pre-1902 tunic and pants as no brass buttons are to the uniform. Both the tunic and pants are in excellent condition with bright colors and no damage, with all buttons in place and strong stitching throughout. Lining is also in very good condition.


WW1 Royal Army Service Corps Dress Tunic With Pants

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WW1 Royal Army Service Corps dress tunic with pants. Tunic is complete with all General Service buttons, and a double neck hook closure. Original tag in place reading “Royal Army Clothing Factory, April 1914.” WD mark with British Broadarrow. Tunic is complete with pants, also with original tag, and also reading “Royal Army Clothing Factory” and dated October 1912, and also ink stamped with WD mark and the British Broadarrow. Austrian cord piping to both sleeves of the tunic with Austrian cord epaulets. Both tunic and pants are in very good original condition.